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RCCB Features

• Single trip point 10, 30,100, 500 mA
• 16/25/40/60/100 A load current
• 100-500 V operation
• Pulsed ac/dc operation
• 2 pole and 4 pole housings
• Auxiliary contact (optional)

The RCCBs are designed to protect equipment and people from low level ground faults. Typical applications include resistance and impedance heating systems; submersible pumps; semiconductor process equipment and wet location equipment.

RCCB Operation
The RCCBs use the residual current sensing method to detect ground faults. The units monitor the load currents and will trip immediately should they detect any imbalance greater than the rated trip level.

Voltage Independency
The RCCBs derive the energy required to trip from the ground fault current alone. They will operate normally even if the system voltage drops or if the neutral wire is disconnected. They will also operate normally during long periods of over voltage.

Frequency Range
The standard RCCBs operate over a frequency range between 16 - 60 Hz or 50 - 60 Hz. Models can be ordered for up to 400 Hz.

Short Circuit and Overload
The standard RCCBs do not come with short circuit and overload protection. Back-up fuses are used to provide short circuit protection.

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468P - 4 pole housing
Wiring Diagram
standard version N left. Neutral right by request

DFS 2 - 2 pole housing
Wiring Diagram

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