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Weldsafe 4000 Features

• 10 mA trip point for ground fault sensing
• CT loop monitoring
• 1 Ohm single trip for ground checking
• Voltage build-up detection
• End-of-line resistor for crush fault detection
• Harmonic filtering

The Weldsafe 4000 combination ground fault current and ground check relay has been designed to provide sensitive ground fault protection and continuous ground checking for ac, 50-60 Hz fixed or portable equipment. The Weldsafe 4000 provides a high degree of network protection and increases personnel safety as well as minimizing risk of fire. The Weldsafe 4000 can operate on single and three phase grounded, and resistance grounded power systems.

Ground Fault Sensing Operation
The Weldsafe 4000 protects operators and equipment from dangerous leakage currents that may occur when a circuit is energized. The device has harmonic filtering to prevent nuisance tripping and a pick-up response time of < 25mS.
Ground Checking Operation
The Weldsafe 4000 has several protective methods to ensure proper grounding of fixed or portable equipment. If the unit senses any one of three possible fault conditions, it activates the alarm relay (K2) with a response time of < 30 mS.

CT600 Series Current Transformers
The Weldsafe 4000 operates together with a CT600 series current transformer. There are different sizes available ranging from 1” to 8” depending upon the size of the load conductors passing through window.  Only the load carrying conductors pass through the C.T.. The ground wire must remain outside the C.T. core. It is also important that the cables passing through the C.T. be as straight as possible to minimize the possibility of core saturation.

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Available Options
• input power supply either ac 24 or 120 V
• Monitoring up to ac1200 Hz

H1           LED green POWER ON
H2           LED red GROUND FAULT
H3           LED red CT FAULT
H4           LED red LOOP RESISTANCE > 1 Ohm
H5           LED red CRUSH FAULT
H6           LED red VOLTAGE BUILD-UP
K1           Ground fault alarm relay
K2           Ground check alarm relay
S1           Internal test button
S2           Internal reset button
S3           Switch for ground fault Failsafe/Active (behind front cover) 
               Closed=active   Open=failsafe
S4           Switch for ground check Failsafe/Active (behind front cover) 
               Closed=active Open=failsafe
S5           External test button
S6           External reset button for ground fault sensing
S7           External reset button for ground checking

R1           Loop resistance adjustment

2-3           Input power supply 120V ac or 24 V ac +10%, -20%
8-9-10      Contact for K1 alarm relay - ground fault
12-13-14  Contact for K2 alarm relay - ground check
16-17       C.T. connection
18-19       Ground fault external reset, Hand = closed Auto = open
22-23       External test button (optional)
25-26       Ground check external reset, Hand = closed Auto = Open
27            Pilot wire if using standard ground check monitoring
29            Pilot wire if using EOL monitoring
30            Ground connection

EOL        End-of-line resistor, 49.9Ohms, +/-0.1%

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