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NWI 2100 Features

• 20 K - 100 K adj. trip level
• No auxiliary power supply required
• Positive and negative fault indication
• Voltage range dc 24/48/60/110/220V




The NWI 2100 is designed to continuously monitor isolated dc systems for ground faults.  The NWI 2100 works with the line voltage and does not require an auxiliary power supply.  Voltage range must be specified when ordering.  The unit uses a passive monitoring system with special measuring to provide greater accuracy.   All galvanically connected circuits will be monitored simultaneously.

The NWI 2100 is able to detect both positive and negative faults.  Under fault free conditions, the positive and negative poles have the same potential to ground.  When a ground fault occurs, the system will lose this symmetry.  The NWI 2100 will detect this loss of symmetry.  If the preset alarm level is reached, the unit will operate and indicate on one of the two LEDs whether the fault is positive or negative.

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H1           LED green POWER ON
H2           LED red INSULATION FAULT at L+
H3           LED red INSULATION FAULT at L-

K1           Insulation resistance monitor alarm relay

S1           Internal test button
S2           Internal reset button
S3           Active mode selector (behind frontplate) open=active
S4           External test button (NO)
S5           External reset button (NC)

R1          Insulation resistance potentiometer

1-2          Line connection for insulation resistance monitoring function
3             Ground connection
4-5          contact for external test
6-7          contact for external reset
9-10-11   Contact for K1 alarm relay
12-13-14 Contact for K1 alarm relay

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