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NWI 5100 Features

• 10 K - 100 K adjustable
   trip level
• Adjustable time delay 0 - 1.0 S
• Metering output 0-1 mA
• LED bar chain
• Input power supply ac 115/230/400V


The NWI 5100 is designed to continuously monitor isolated ac systems from 0 - 800V for ground faults.  All galvanically connected circuits will be monitored simultaneously.  The unit can operate on single and three phase systems with or without neutral.

The NWI 5100 detects faults by using a small dc signal which it superimposes between the system and ground.  If the insulation resistance value falls below the preset trip point, the output relays will operate.  The insulation value is constantly displayed on the LED bar chain.  There is also a metering output that can be used with a PLC or remote meter to display insulation value.

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Available Options

• input power supply ac 230/400/500 V
• Alternate insulation resistance trip values

H1           LED green POWER ON

K1           Insulation resistance monitor alarm relay
K2           Insulation resistance monitor alarm relay

S1           Internal test button
S2           Internal reset button
S3           External test button
S4           External reset button

R1          Insulation resistance potentiometer

2             Line connection for insulation resistance monitoring function
5-6          ac 120 V or 230V  input power supply (+/-15%)
5-7          ac 230 V or 400V  input power supply (+/-15%)
5-8          ac 400 V or 500V  input power supply (+/-15%)
10-11-12 Contact for K1 alarm relay – insulation resistance
13-14-15 Contact for K2 alarm relay – insulation resistance
18-19      Link for auto reset K2
19-20      Link for active mode K2
21-22      Link for auto reset K1
22-23      Link for active mode K1
25-26      Insulation resistance meter
30           Ground connection

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