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RCD 300M2 Simulation

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Now you can see how the RCD 300M2 actually works.  First, turn on your speakers and then press the green Mot ON button at the top of the diagram.  This will start the motor.  The RCD 300M2 is now monitoring the system for ground faults.  

To see what happens if a ground fault occurs, press the green "fault"  at the base of the motor .   Watch as the fault current travels through the system.  As soon as the RCD 300M2 senses the ground fault, it alarms immediately and sends a signal to open the breaker.  The red FAULT LED lights up and the motor is disconnected.  To restore the original settings, press the black reset button on the RCD frontplate.  Turn the motor back on.  

This time, click on the connection between the unit and the current transformer.  Watch as the RCD 300M2 immediately senses this broken connection.  The CT FAULT lights up and the RCD shuts down the motor.  This is a very important safety feature.  If the connection between the RCD and the CT is broken, no ground fault monitoring can occur.  Click on the connection again to restore settings.


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